18 November 2013

Blitzkrieg - A Time Of Changes (1985) [First Press]

Band : Blitzkrieg
Country : Great Britain
Release : A Time Of Changes
Year : 1985 [First Press]
Genre : NWOBHM/Heavy Metal
File Info : MP3, 320 Kbps, Covers
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Brian Ross - Vocals [Satan (UK), Ex-Avenger (UK), Ex-Lone Wolf (UK)]
Mick Procter - Guitar
Jim Sirotto - Guitar
Mick Moore - Bass
Sean Taylor - Drums

1. Ragnarok (Instrumental) 01:45  
2. Inferno 04:30   
3. Blitzkrieg 03:21   
4. Pull the Trigger (Satan cover) 05:25   
5. Armageddon 06:16   
6. Hell to Pay 04:44   
7. Vikings 04:03   
8. A Time of Changes 06:24   
9. Saviour 03:38

Info :
This album came out when Brian Ross decided to reform Blitzkrieg and record the album they wanted to record before they split up in 1981. After the original split of Blitzkrieg Brian sang with Avenger, Satan and Lonewolf. Pull the Trigger is in fact a Satan song that wasn't featured on the album Brian did with Satan, though it did appear on an earlier demo "Into The Fire". Satan guitarist Russ Tippins makes a guest appearing on the song. The crowd noise on "Hell to Pay" was lifted from a Queen concert as a joke on the rumors that the 'Blitzed Alive' tape was a fake live show. At the time of it's release most people believed Hell to Pay was actually recorded live.

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