30 January 2014

Annihilator - All For You (2004)


Artist : Annihilator
Country : Canada
Release : All For You
Year : 2004
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
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Over the years, headbangers have learned that lineup changes are an inevitable part of Annihilator. The band's lineup is likely to change from one album to the next, and the Annihilator lineup that you're enjoying today may very well be gone tomorrow. For other bands, all those personnel changes could be a problem, but leader/founder Jeff Waters usually knows what he's doing -- and his hands-on approach serves Annihilator well on All for You. Some might argue that Annihilator isn't really a band -- that Annihilator is really an ongoing solo project for Waters, who is very much in the driver's seat on this 2004 release. True to form, Waters wears many hats on All for You; in addition to writing all of the material, he serves as bassist, guitarist, producer and arranger. Assistance comes from drummer Mike Mangini (known for his work with Steve Vai) and Annihilator's new lead vocalist Dave Padden, who shows himself to be a welcome addition to the band on Waters' material (most of it forceful thrash metal with some alternative metal moves at times).

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