16 January 2014

Ivanhoe - Polarized (1997) [Japan Edition]


Artist : Ivanhoe
Country : Germany
Release : Polarized [Japan Edition]
Year : 1997
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


The elements of prog-style are united with a metal-style; powerful metal riffs, great arpeggios, uses of keyboards, great instrumental parts… with a style which in part can be similar with metal progressive groups as ANGRA, QUEENSRYCHE, ELEGY, but with a personal style. Very particular is the great voice of Andy B. Franck, who is incredible with the high notes as well on the bass ones, really a good voice, quite similar to Geoff Tate in the high notes); his way of singing contributes to create a particular atmospheric, helped by the use of keyboards and by the arpeggios and solo of Schuler. The line up is essential the same in all their three albums, but in the last, “Polarized”, the guitar passes from Schuler to Welsch; Welsch is too a great virtuoso, but probably this little change in the line-up can be heard by a little difference of style.

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