18 January 2014

Serpentcult - Trident Nor Fire (2007)


Artist :       Serpentcult
Country :     Belgium
Release :     Trident Nor Fire
Year :           2007
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 320
Download :    Get It Here


 SERPENTCULT are a band who fill me with immense joy and at the same time a deep feeling of sadness. The Serpentcult of 2012 are a three piece from Belgium who whilst very talented musicians in my opinion lack a certain groove to their style. Their last release “Raised by Wolves” for a lack of a better term bored me and whilst technically a very good release, it lacked soul, passion and failed to to flare any interest in my what so ever! This is the source of my Serpentcult related sadness, as for two years or so this band were the bright shining light on my musical life, back when they were a four piece and included on vocals one Michelle Nocon. back in 2007 and it was the release of an EP by the name of “Trident Nor Fire” that thrilled me so thoroughly and made me fall in love with Doom all over again 

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