20 January 2014

U.D.O. - Nailed To Metal: The Missing Tracks (2003)


Artist : U.D.O.
Country : Germany
Release : Nailed To Metal: The Missing Tracks
Year : 2003
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


When U.D.O. released their 2001 concert set Live from Russia, many Accept tracks that had rarely been performed live received an airing. But the only problem is that it prevented such '80s metal classics as "Fast as a Shark" and "Balls to the Wall" from being included. The problem has now been solved -- thanks to the 2003 follow-up, Nailed to Metal: The Missing Tracks. Some may assume that this 11-track set is a rarities compilation due to its title, but not so, as it features live tracks from the same tour that was documented on Live from Russia. A few of the tracks actually appear on both releases (namely "Holy," "Raiders of Beyond," etc.), but for the most part, it's Accept classics that are featured: "Metal Heart," "Fast as a Shark" (considered by many as the first ever thrash metal tune), "Restless and Wild," and of course, "Balls to the Wall." Upon listening to Nailed to Metal, it becomes instantly apparent that these missing Accept-era tracks would have made Live from Russia even stronger.

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