11 December 2014

Squealer - Made For Eternity (2008)

Artist : Squealer
Country : Germany
Release : Made For Eternity
Year : 2008
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


The album starts very fast and very powerfully with two songs linked together (no silence / break)... very melodic, much more than the precedent album and that's a good point. Unfortunately 2 mediumly slow songs are located on track 3 and 4, therefor stoping the speed impression of the album. But that's ok cause these songs are really nice, it's just I would have liked them better at the end of the album. So a very good album, very melodic, and the vocalist even sounds like Hansi Kurch on some songs. Nothing to say as for the production, loud and clear  ! This album is a bit different than it's predecessor, a bit less agressive (be reassured it's still Squealer !). But it certainly gained in melody, which probably makes it more accessible but who cares when it sounds as good as The Final Daylight for example... one of the best songs I've heard in years. I'm looking forward to watch them in live soon. A buy-or-die album.

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