30 December 2014

The Departed - When Nothing Remains (Teaser 2014) [Streaming Audio]

Band : The Departed
Country : Hellas
Release : When Nothing Remains (Teaser) [Streaming Audio]
Year : 2014
Genre : Heavy, Progressive, Thrash, Death Metal
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George "Don Fretman" - Rhythm Guitars & Harmony Leads
George "The MED-X" - Bass
Bill "The Baron- 357" - Lead Guitars
Konstantinos Tzalalis - Voices, Keybords & Samples, Drums & Programming

Additional guest appearence: Theodore Ziras- Lead Guitars

Background artwork & logo by Konstantinos Tzalalis

Author Notes : Here is a teaser of a project made by my Metal Friend Konstantinos Tzalalis. Nice tunes m8 and of course GREAT VOCALS once again! Good luck!

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