25 February 2015

Altar Of Oblivion - Sinews Of Anguish (2009)


Artist :       Altar Of Oblivion
Country :     Denmark
Release :     Sinews Of Anguish
Year :           2009
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 320
Download :   Get It Here


 Altar of Oblivion’s demo attracted some attention in the doom metal underground a couple of years ago and now courtesy of Shadow Kingdom Records we have the debut full length Sinews of Anguish. Right from the opening minute of “The Final Pledge” the stand alone uniqueness of Altar of Oblivion’s approach to epically themed and structured heavy/doom metal is quite apparent. The guitar work from Martin Mendelssohn and Allan Larsen has both a feel of choppy, urgent intensity and a hauntingly beautiful and moving melodic authority. The vocals, while the work of one man Mik Mentor, are multi-dimensional in their weaving on this dark tale of WWII despair, disillusionment and death, at times bringing to mind anything from monks proclaiming doom in a chant to a tortured spirit’s confession howled from beyond the void. This effect can be so profound that at times you would swear that there is more than one vocalist involved here.


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