18 February 2015

Annihilator - King Of The Kill (1994) [Reissue]

Artist : Annihilator
Country : Canada
Release : King Of The Kill [Reissue]
Year : 1994
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Every song on this album is very good, typical Annihilator-type metal sounds accompanied by axeman/vocalist/bassist Jeff Waters, who handles all instruments except for this drums on this record. Some of my favorite tracks off this record are "King of the Kill", "Annihilator", "Bad Child", and the superb ballad "Only Be Lonely". Let it be said that I'm not one for slow songs, but "Only Be Lonely" is simply fantastic, and hey, its ANNIHILATOR! So all fans of the band should embrace this album, and for people who are looking to get into this band, this isn't a bad album to start with.

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