24 February 2015

Antonio Giorgio - Tales From Heaven & Hell (2014)

Artist : Antonio Giorgio
Country : Italy
Release : Tales From Heaven & Hell
Year : 2014
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 128


OK...so we have gigantic bands in the metal scene in the names of Virgin Steele, Kamelot/Conception, Dream Theater, Black Sabbath, Bruce Dickinson each one play major role in the metal playground for many years. Many have tried to make covers of famous songs by these bands...
This Italian metalhead over here chooses some rare covered tracks by all these bands...!!!
Self-made cover songs. Production is very good on all of the tracks...
Genre (described in his own words): Genre: Epic Romantic Mystic Gothic Symphonic Prog Melodic Metal=GOLDEN METAL
Line Up:
Antonio Giorgio: Vocals/Piero Sanacore-Guitar/Bass & Programming
Riccardo Scaramelli: Guitars,Keyboards,Programming
Nicolo Bernini: Drums

Give this guy a chance and listen to his effort...others avoid covering voices like Tate, Khan, Dickinson, LaBrie...but the guys over are fearless...
Play it fucking loud...
Visit FB page here: Facebook.antoniogiorgiometal and thumb it up... \m/

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