17 August 2015

Deadly Sin - Sunborn (2003)

Artist : Deadly Sin
Country : Germany
Release : Sunborn
Year : 2003
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


After the obligatory intro, the CD begins with The Awakening. It’s a good taste of things to come as we can begin to hear the slight progressive elements with the large amount of change ups early on. Everything that trademarks Deadly Sin’s style can be heard in The Awakening; heavy riffing, melodic leads, Power Metal quality choruses, subtle keyboards, and strong vocals. Every aspect comes together nicely and the band does quite a few things very well. The guitars do a nice job of coating the songs with melody, aggression, and atmosphere depending on which style Deadly Sin decide to employ. The heavy riffing shows up often and can be considered similar to Pagan’s Mind and even some bands like Poisonblack or Charon during the mid-paced sections. I know that sounds odd, but the whole style of production and some riff progression is almost done in that style of Gothic/Doom Metal. More traditional Prog/Power riffing is used of course but the Gothic/Doom Metal riffing is an interesting addition.

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