17 August 2015

Tarot - Live: Undead Indeed (2008)

Artist : Tarot
Country : Finland
Release : Live: Undead Indeed
Year : 2008
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


TAROT is not only a card game, but also a long time running Heavy Metal band from Finland. The band was founded in the early eighties by the Hietala brothers, Marco and Zachary. The first album "Spell Of Iron" was finally released in 1986. Much later Marco became famous as a member of SINERGY and of course NIGHTWISH, but he never abandoned his "baby band". From time to time with some breaks, for obvious reasons, TAROT have released great albums which have made them a great addition to the metal scene. In 2007, the band signed a deal with Nuclear Blast records and released their best received album up to date: "Crows Fly Black". The first single from the album "You" entered the finnish charts at #1 - the evidence that TAROT are a lot more than only a secondary employment. Now, after several albums, it's time for the first-ever DVD of TAROT called "Live - Undead Indeed". The band filmed in show in the Finnish town Rupla in 2007. The concert itself is everything you can expect from TAROT

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