04 September 2015

Infinite Horizon - Mind Passages (2005)

Artist : Infinite Horizon
Country : Germany
Release : Mind Passages
Year : 2005
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


I am amazed that these guys had to release their second album on their own again. Perhaps they just choose to stay independent, because frankly the music is better than many known bands on established labels. "Mind Passages" continues in a similar mode to "Beyond Infinite", mixing heavy guitars, smokin' guitar solos, and melodic, dynamic, metallic songwriting. Infinite Horizon reminds me of Savatage at times. Not only are there similarities in the way they mix heavy metal and progressive rock, but even the vocals of Marc Lemler remind me of Zachary Stevens at times. The highlight of this disc is the epic "Space Dream Navigation" that makes up the last half of the disc. The sweeping melodies and heavy guitars are captivating on the very first listen. The keyboards as well really add to the bands sound, rather than distracting and taking away from the heavy nature of the recording.

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