03 September 2015

Victory - Fuel To The Fire (2006)

Artist : Victory
Country : Germany
Release : Fuel To The Fire
Year : 2006
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Victory has always been such a great band.It's usually a touchy thing when a band goes back and re-records from their own catalog, but this CD stands on its own. It's not better than the originals, which are already great, these are different yet just as great. There are subtle differences to the song arrangements here and there, but nothing too different. They didn't change the songs simply to change them. I don't think that ever works too well. They also found their third vocalist who again fits right in to what the band is about. Most people aren't aware of this band, but for those that are and like them, this is another one to add to your collection.

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