01 October 2015

Faith Factor - Against A Darkened Sky (2008)

1. Evila Si Eh 00:54
2. Keep It True 05:19
3. The Rapture 04:35
4. In God's Shadow 05:05
5. In Rememberance 08:22
6. Light Replaces Darkness 05:24
7. Armor Of God 04:42
8. Divine Temptation 06:30
9. Ascend Unto Heaven 11:36
10. Sinner's Prayer 01:55

Artist : Faith Factor
Country : USA
Release : Against A Darkened Sky
Year : 2008
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Against A Darkened Sky, the groups fall of 2008 Retroactive full length debut, brings a traditional classic power metal sound certain to appeal to fans of Sacred Warrior, Recon, Jacobs Dream (David Taylor era), Fates Warning, old Queensryche, Crimson Glory and Iron Maiden. Those whose musical tastes trend towards classic metal – think Saint and Judas Priest – should find a lot to like in Faith Factor as well. The band best exhibits its technical songwriting skills on the resonant “In God’s Shadow”, intricate “Armor Of God” (time changes galore in this one), Recon-ish “Divine Temptation” and the all out progressiveness of the eleven minute “Ascend Unto Heaven”. A more melodic based direction is taken on “The Rapture” while “Keep It True” proves a Christian metal anthem and “Light Replaces Darkness” an upbeat piece with a catchy chorus hook. Rounding things out is the majestic power ballad “In Remembrance”.

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