21 February 2016

Mercyful Fate - Don't Break The Oath (1984) [Reissue/Remastered 1997]

Band : Mercyful Fate
Country : Denmark
Release : Don't Break The Oath
Year : 1984 [Reissue / Remastered 1997]
Genre : Heavy, Black Metal
File Info : MP3, 320 Kbps
Download : ][ Uloz.to ][
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King Diamond - Vocals [King Diamond/Ex-Brats/Ex-Danger Zone/Ex-Black Rose (DNK)]
Michael Denner - Guitar [Ex-Brats/Ex-Danger Zone/Ex-Force Of Evil (DNK)]
Hank Shermann - Guitar [Ex-Brats/Ex-Danger Zone (DNK)]
Timi "Grabber" Hansen - Bass [Ex-King Diamond/Ex-Danger Zone (DNK)]
Kim Ruzz - Drums

1. A Dangerous Meeting 05:12   
2. Nightmare 06:21
3. Desecration of Souls 04:57
4. Night of the Unborn 05:02
5. The Oath 07:34  
6. Gypsy 03:10
7. Welcome Princess of Hell 04:06
8. To One Far Away 01:31  
9. Come to the Sabbath 05:18

Reissue 1997 Bonus Track :
10. Death Kiss (Demo)*

* The 1997 remaster includes the bonus track "Death Kiss", which is an old demo version of "A Dangerous Meeting".

INFO : The actual name of the song, "Welcome Princess Of Hell", was supposed to be "Welcome Princes Of Hell". It was a title misprint, where the lyrics were correctly written in the original pressing but the title wasn't. The distinction can also be heard in the song (the prince "is" vs. prince "s"), as well as the plural connotation of the lyrics "I'm alone with my friends, We will be back, we will be back". Nonetheless, what is printed on the actual album stands as the official title.

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