15 July 2016

Iron Maiden - High Vaultage Vol. 3 (Bootleg Comp. 2000)

Band : Iron Maiden
Country : Great Britain
Release : High Vaultage Vol. 3 (Bootleg Compilation)
Year : 2000
Genre : Hard Rock, NWOBHM/Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps, Covers
Download : ][ Mega ][

Author Notes : There are a lot of mistakes on this bootleg compilation. It includes songs from Bruce Dickinson solo career. The track "Invasion" is written wrong as "Invation". Also the track by NWOBHM "Xero" - Oh Baby. At the back cover, says in this track is Bruce Dickinson on Vocals but this is not true. The right track that sang by Dickinson on this Single release is "Lone Wolf". So i replaced the wrong track with the right track. Enjoy!

01. Burning Ambition
02. Sanctuary
03. Drifter (Live)
04. I've Got The Fire (Montrose Cover) (Live)
05. Women In Uniform (Skyhooks Cover)
06. Invasion
07. Twilight Zone
08. Total Eclipse
09. I've Got The Fire (Montrose Cover)
10. Cross Eyed Mary (Jethro Tull Cover)
11. Rainbows Gold (Beckett Cover)
12. Mission From 'Arry
13. King Of Twilight (Nektar Cover)
14. Xero - Lone Wolf (1983) [Bruce Dickinson on Vocals]
15. Bruce Dickinson - All The Young Dudes (Live)
16. Bruce Dickinson - Sin City (AC/DC Cover) (Live)
17. Bruce Dickinson - Black Night (Deep Purple Cover) (Live)

INFO : Tracks 01-13 are Iron Maiden songs

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