19 December 2017

Steel Assassin - In Hellfire Forged (Comp. 2009)

Band : Steel Assassin
Country : USA
Release : In Hellfire Forged (Compilation)
Year : 2009
Genre : Heavy, Power Metal
File Info : MP3, 320 Kbps
Download : Mega
(Link found on the net, thanks to the Original Uploader)
Band Sites for SUPPORT : FaceBook

Line up:
John Falzone - Vocals
Mike Monney - Guitar
Kevin Kurran - Guitar
Phil Grasso - Bass [Madd Hunter (USA)]
Greg Michalowski - Drums

INFO : A remake album compilation of old tracks.

1. Spartacus
2. Phaeton
3. Crusader
4. Heavy Metal Soldiers From Hell
5. Burn Witch Burn
6. Attilla The Hun
7. Executioner

Bonus Track :
8. Breakout At St. Lo


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