30 December 2018

Antonio Giorgio - Golden Metal, The Quest For The Inner Glory (2017) [Special & Exclusive Edition]

Band : Antonio Giorgio
Country : Italy
Release : Golden Metal, The Quest For The Inner Glory [Special & Exclusive Edition]
Year : 2017
Genre : Epic, Power, Progressive Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps, Scan Covers
Download : Mediafire
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Author Notes : Link was shared by Antonio Giorgio on "Your Shares" Section! Thank you so much, Great songs, Great band!!!! File is also includes some bonus tracks!

Message from Antonio Giorgio :
Hi dear friend, his is my album "GOLDEN METAL-The Quest for the Inner Glory"(out from 2017 for the italian label Andromeda Relix www.andromedarelix.com )shared for you & for all the Metal Brothers!  will record soon the next album "Unio Mystica-The Quest for the Golden Grail". If you are interested to purchase the limited digipack edition of the album visit:
www.gtmusic.it or visit e-bay,amazon etc
Stay Gold & stay Metal!!!!!!!
Antonio Giorgio

Antonio Giorgio - Vocals

Guests : HERE

1. Golden Metal 08:03  
2. Lost & Lonely (Desperate Days) 05:02  
3. The Vision 04:49  
4. The Calling 00:41  
5. The Voice of the Prophet 07:12  
6. The Eternal Rebellion (Beyond Heaven & Hell Suite) 00:49  
7. Luminous Demons (Beyond Heaven & Hell Suite) 04:13  
8. Keeper of Truth (Beyond Heaven & Hell Suite) 05:48  
9. The Reaper 06:41  
10. Forever We Are One 08:32  
11. Et in Arcadia Ego Suite 11:23  
12. Alone Again 04:02

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