07 April 2019

Kreyson - Angel On The Run (1990) [Reissue 1991]

Band : Kreyson
Country : Czech Republic
Release : Angel On The Run
Year : 1990 [Reissue 1991]
Genre : Power Metal
File Info : MP3, 160 Kbps, Front-Back Covers
Download : Uloz.to
Band Sites for SUPPORT :

Official Site

Author Notes : Link provided by MetalMaven on "Your Shares" section. Thanks!

Ladislav Křížek - Vocals
Karel Adam - Bass/Keyboards
Bob Vondrovic - Drums
Jaroslav Bartoň - Guitar
Dan Krob - Guitar

1. Kreyson 04:05
2. Skalp 03:11
3. Deep in the Night 04:29
4. No Blue Skies 04:15
5. Faraway 04:22
6. Angel on the Run 03:07
7. Dreamin' 03:59
8. Golden Ark 03:34
9. I Need You 05:48
10. Fade Out 03:14


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