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Greetings Brothers & Sisters of Metal

Here is a list of the Albums, EPs, Demos & Singles we are looking for....If someone want to share, please get in touch using the comments section or any other way. Please provide a download link.

Atlantean Kodex (GER) - A Prophet In The Forest (EP 2008)
Freedom Call (GER) - Freedom Call (Demo 1998)
Ligeia (GER) - Beyond The Sky (2002)
Satan's Claw (NLD) - Enlightens The Earth (Demo 1989)
Spartacus (ITA) - Spartacus (Demo 2008)

Iced Earth (USA) - Studio Demos (1989)
Draconian (ESP) - Over Metal (2003)
Child Saint (USA) - Live In Los Angeles (Live 1988) [2006]
Warchylde (USA) - We Came To Rock You! (1992)
Solemnity (GER) - One Rode To Asa Bay (Single 2007)
Solitary Sabred (CYP) - Solitary Sabred (Live 2008)
Marseille (UK) - Fourplay (EP 2009)
Aaronsrod (USA) - Afterlife (2009)
Red Machete (USA) - Scream Out Loud (Single 1985)
Windrow (ITA) - Like An Angel... (Demo 2002)
Buffalo (UK) - Bones Of The Beast (Compilation 2006)
Dantesco (PRC) - The Ten Commandments Of Metal (Compilation 2010)
Dantesco (PRC) - Dantesco (Demo 2004)
Assassin [Aka Deadly Assassin] (USA) - The Metal Knights (Compilation 2012)
High Heeler (AUS) - Power To The Chord (Demo 2005)
Crystallion (GER) - Knights Of The Apocalypse...Nemesis (EP 2005)
Metal Merchant (USA) - Metal Merchant (EP 1986)
Hanker (CAN) - Hanker (Demo 1991)
Witchcurse (GRC) - Rehearsal Tape (2005)
Witchcurse (GRC) - The Witch Is Alive (Live 2008)
Enchanter (USA) - Scroll Of Prophecies (2008)
High Heeler (AUS) - Heels (EP 2011)
Denied (ITA) - Heavyland (Demo 2005)
Metal Inquisitor (GER) - Demo (1998)
Metal Inquisitor (GER) - Commencement (Compilation 2003)
Metal Inquisitor (GER) - Resistence is Futile (Compilation 2005)
Metal Inquisitor (GER) - Garage Nights (Bootleg Compilation 2008)
Crystal Viper (POL) - Rehearsal Tape (2003)
Reviver (NLD) - Reviver (Demo 1998)
Sanctus (UK) - Music For Mars (Compilation 2012)
Tramontane (USA) - Tramontane (Compilation 2009)
Knights Of Tethys (USA) - Never Raise The White Flag (2006)

Thanks in advance!


savatage said...

Atlantean Kodex! Super band! Saw them at Keep It True!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the first XYZ cd? Thanks in advance to all!!

Anonymous said...

Can somebody reload both Fortress albums listed in this blog at simple working hosters like Rockfile.eu , please?

Anonymous said...

The Buffalo & Manilla Road titles are both still in print & easily available to buy.

AchiLLeS Gr said...

Anonymous, actually i know it. Just this want List is made long time ago. Thanks for the info by the way.

andreas freisinger said...

Search for Master of Disaster"Stay alive" 1993...later Softeis"Never enough" 1997

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for "Thundersteel (Serbia) - The exorcism" CD.
Can anybody help?

AchiLLeS Gr said...

Thundersteel from Serbia posted. Please for Requests, use "Your requests" tab bottom.

Felipe said...

Axe Crazy - Ride On The Night

Alex Ortega said...


Anonymous said...

Hey brother upload the agents of power of this band SKELATOR, please brother

AchiLLeS Gr said...

Some Skelator posted. More will follow.

Anonymous said...

(1984)Black Death & (2015)Black Death Resurrected
the original Black Death album is a heavy metal masterpiece and deserves recognition.

AchiLLeS Gr said...

Black Death 1984 album Bootleg is posted. PLEASE DO YOUR REQUESTS & REUPLOADS REQUESTS in the proper places.

Anonymous said...

Thank to Archilles and all Users. I search for Realmbuilder (USA) - Blue Flame Cavarly. But Cant find it nowhere :(