19 March 2016

Falcon - Die Wontcha (2008)

Band : Falcon
Country : USA
Release : Die Wontcha
Year : 2008
Genre : Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
File Info : MP3, 320 Kbps
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Perry Grayson - Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards (Track 5) [Isen Torr (UK)/Ex-Destiny's End (US)]
Greg Lindstrom - Bass/Keyboards/Lead Guitar (Tracks 1-4-8-10) [Ex-Cirith Ungol (US)]
Darin McCloskey - Drums [Pile Divine (US)/Ex-Sinister Realm (US)]

INFO : The title Die Wontcha is a play on the West, Bruce, & Laing album Why Dontcha from 1973. Basic tracks recorded live. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Polar Bear Lair Studios, Middletown, Maryland, October 21/26, 2006. Cover art taken from Famous Fantastic Mysteries magazine, December 1946. Perry Grayson founded this band together with Greg Lindstrom (one of the founding members of Cirith Ungol) and Darin McCloskey (Pale Divine) to make heavy rock in the style of the 70s. They're also doing some Cirith Ungol songs that never got properly recorded in a studio. Extended remix of "Shelob's Lair" (05:41) appears on compilation "One Foot In Fire, A Tribute To Cirith Ungol".

1. Jimmy Clark 04:30
2. No Future 05:30  
3. Elfland's Daughter 06:15  
4. Corporate Whore 05:55  
5. The Wreck of the John Deere 05:02   instrumental
6. Leader (Buffalo cover) 04:46  
7. Careless 05:13  
8. Falcon 06:19  
9. Everything There Is to Know 06:19  
10. Show You All (Cirith Ungol cover) 03:30

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