28 September 2016

Agent Metal - Three Words (EP 2004) [New Recorded Version]

Band : Agent Metal
Country : France
Release : Three Words (EP) [New Recorded Version]
Year : 2004
Genre : Power, Speed Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps, Front-Back covers, Lyrics
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Official Site

Agent C - Vocals/Guitar/Drum Programming
Agent M - Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming
Agent A - Rhythm Guitar
Agent B - Backing Vocals
Agent N - Backing Vocals
Agent H - Backing Vocals

INFO : Originally released in 2002, this EP features four Agent Metal classics, that were completely re-recorded for this 2004 release.

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Download : Front Cover
                      Back Cover

1.The Oath of the Agent Download
2. Freedom, Metal & Might Download
3. Agent Metal Download
4. Erehwon Download

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