19 December 2016

SkinFlint - Okove (Single 2013)

Band : SkinFlint
Country : Botswana, Africa
Release : Okove (Single)
Year : 2013
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps + MP4 Video
Download : ][ Mega ][
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INFO : "OKOVE is a pendant, or fetich that is worshiped. It was used in west Africa back in the 1800s. The witches would carve Okoves or put parts of animals in an okove to gain something from it. For example: "If you put the hair of a cheetah in an Okove, you would gain the speed and vigor of a cheetah". So for the song, the story is about: An old man who is chronically ill, and wants to become young again... So he kills young children and makes Okoves out of their hearts, so that he may be blessed with youth again" -Giuseppe Sbrana.

Kebonye "Raskebo" Nkoloso - Bass
Sandra Sbrana - Drums
Giuseppe "Juice" Sbrana - Vocals/Guitars

1.Okove  03:56
2.  Okove (Official Video)

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