17 July 2017

Skelator - Swords (EP 2005)

Band : Skelator
Country : USA
Release : Swords (EP)
Year : 2005
Genre : Epic, Heavy, Speed Metal
File Info : MP3, 256 Kbps
Download : Yandex

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INFO : The songs from "Swords" were released together with four Skelator songs from "The Gore of War" split (all re-mixed and re-mastered) and two previously unreleased bonus tracks under the title "Time of the Sword Rulers" (2008).

Jason Conde-Houston - Vocals
Patrick Seick - Drums
Robbie Houston - Guitar
Rah Davis - Bass
Jesse Jensen - Guitar

1. Death To The False
2. The Time Of The Sword Rulers
3. The Coming Of Chaos
4. Heavy Metal Sacrifice
5. The Wrath Of Odin's Sons