30 December 2018

Various Artists - By The Gods, A Noble Tribute To Virgin Steele (2018)

Band : Various Artists
Country : Various Countries
Release : By The Gods, A Noble Tribute To Virgin Steele
Year : 2018
Genre : Epic, Heavy, Progressive Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps
Download : Mediafire

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Author Notes : Another Great share by Antonio Giorgio on "Your Shares" Section. Many thanks again!!! By The Gods!!!!

Message from Antonio Giorgio :
This is another special gift for you,the rare Official Tribute Album to Virgin Steele (under the Super-Vision of David Defeis,including the liner-notes in the booklet song by song & artist by artist)"By the Gods-A Noble Tribute to Virgin Steele". My remake of the epic romantic song "I Will Come for You"is present together with covers from Iron Fire,Crystal Viper,Wizard,Eternal Winter,Cyclophonia etc.
Enjoy & stay Epic!!!
Antonio Giorgio

01. TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK - Victory Is Mine
02. WIZARD - Mind, Body, Spirit
03. CRYSTAL VIPER - Obsession (It Burns For You)
04. ETERNAL WINTER - Crown Of Glory (Unscarred)
05. NOBLE SAVAGE - The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii)
06. IRON FIRE - A Token Of My Hatred
07. TIMELORD - Gate Of Kings
08. ARMORY - Love Is Pain
09. DEADSTAR - Image Of A Faun At Twilight
10. EMERALD - Ride On The Wings Of The Night
11. CYCLOPHONIA - We Rule The Night
12. ANTONIO GIORGIO feat. members of DREAMSTEEL (I Will Come For You)

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