03 November 2015

Persuader (SWE) - The Hunter [2005 reissue] (2000)

Persuader - The Hunter [2005 reissue]

Band Info:

Country: Sweden
Location: Umeå
Formed: 1997
Style(s): Power Metal
Status: Active

Release Info:

Type: Full Length
Carrier: CD
Recording Year: 2000
Release Year: 2000
Release Style: Power Metal
Label: Loud 'N' Proud

Release Line Up:

Jens Carlsson - Vocals, Guitars
Pekka Kiviaho - Guitars
Fredrik Hedström - Bass
Efraim Juntunen - Drums

Guest Musicians

Jens Rydén - Vocals (additional) on 4
Magnus Lindblom - Guitar solos on 1, 3, 7, 8
Mattias Eklund - Guitar solo on 5


01 - Fire at Will
02 - As You Wish
03 - Cursed
04 - The Hunter
05 - Secrets
06 - Escape
07 - Heart And Steel
08 - ... And There Was Light
09 - My Life for You
10 - Escape (Demo) [bonus track]
11 - Cursed (Demo) [bonus track]

Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File Size: 147 MB
Host site: Zippyshare
Link: Get It Here!
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Kammenos said...

Thanks for the reissue...Did not have this one...Was missing the two last bonuses..
I also have a bonus track in the ''Evolution Purgatory'' album..
\Domination (Pantera Cover).

Kammenos said...

if you need I forgot to say.. lofl

Lord Bones said...

LOL Can happen :)

But sure bring it on!!

Kammenos said...

I can't modify the post so here it is...
Domination (Pantera Cover)

AchiLLeS said...

Admin rights for Kammenos :-) Link has been placed in front. Good job bro's!

Anonymous said...

Mpravo re magkes.sunexiste etsi

Lord Bones said...

@ Kammenos: Thanks for the bonus track! Got it!

But have moved the track over to the 'Evolution Purgatory' post. Hope ya don't mind Achilles...

AchiLLeS said...

Mind? You can do those things for "free" LOL After all this is our home ;-)

Lord Bones said...

LOL, Indeed it is our second home, as is the Boneyard Metal Blog!