11 November 2015

Mausoleum Gate - Gateways For The Wicked (Demo 2010) [Second Version]

Band : Mausoleum Gate
Country : Finland
Release : Gateways For The Wicked (Demo) [Second Version]
Year : 2010
Genre : Heavy, Black Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps
Download : ][ Yandex ][

Author Notes : Probably a different Demo Version than the Original one. The Original Demo has "Summoning Circle" as track 3. This one has "Through The Dark Aeons Of Sorrow" as track 3.

Wicked Ischanius - Bass
Pasi Tolonen - Drums
Count LaFey - Guitar
Neva - Guitar
V-P Varpula - Vocals

1. Grin of the Devil 03:37  
2. Helldriver 06:11  
3. Through the Dark Aeons of Sorrow 07:23


Oskari Räsänen said...

Hi, there is no such thing as "second version". "Summoning circle" is the third song of this demo, and "dark aeons" is only internet-promo-song (wich was issued later in compilation cd). Cheers!

AchiLLeS Gr said...

Metal Greets Oskari. And thanks for the post correction. Just to let you know i have already posted 3 releases of your band on the site for promotional use. If you don't want this, let me know and i will remove the download links. Cheers!