13 November 2015

Pyramaze - Melancholy Beast (2004)

Artist : Pyramaze
Country : Denmark
Release : Melancholy Beast
Year : 2004
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Pyramaze remind me of a more progressive and rock influenced version of STRATOVARIOUS meets KAMELOT but there is so much more in here. The diverse musical tastes of the band members come to life fully in these nine songs, sounds of the mighty IRON MAIDEN, and ICED EARTH ring through too. Michael Kammeyer has written a masterpiece.
Lance King's Vocals are the best ever and Morten Gade's (Wuthering Hights) Drumming is outstanding ! This album actually brings something new to the Prog-Power metal realms where things have gotten a bit stale as of late. "Melancholy Beast" is a wonderful display of how good progressive power metal can sound when performed by those who master the genre. Pyramaze is an oustanding Metal unit with a bright future. "Melancholy Beast" is an absolutely highly recommended Prog-Power Metal album, Lance's vocals cut through flesh and bone (as usual) perfectly in line with the piercing guitar riffs / solo's and the great sonic production of this album. Fantastic release, no doubt about it!

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