15 August 2017

Tales Of Medusa - Demos Package (2005-2009)

Band : Tales Of Medusa
Country : Canada
Release : Demos Package
Year : 2005-2009
Genre : Epic, Heavy Metal
File Info : MP3, VBR's
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Zibelthiurdos - Drums
Axe Massakkar - Guitars/Bass
CR - Guitar (Session)
Sarpedon Knight - Vocals

Author Notes : A Full Demos (so far) package of the band. Front post cover is a self-made one! Enjoy!

Polydectes (Demo 2005) Info :

1. Condemnation And The Path To Eternity
2. Curse Of The Shameful Profigate 

Limited to 10 copies

Into The Undergloom (Demo 2007) Info :

3. In the Beams of Light

4. An Anguished Shape
5. I Found Her Eyes in the Coldest Scorn

6. Into the Undergloom

Tape, limited to 50 copies

Devotion (Demo 2008) Info :

7. Through The Shades Of The Falling Night
8. Devotion: The First Vision

9. The Fatal Wounding Gaze

Tape, limited to 20 copies

An Achaean Invocation (Demo Rehearsal 2008) Info :

10. An Ancient Tragedy

11. I Bring Destiny Toward the Day of My Death

12. The Armour of the Sun

13. Forever in Words and Deeds, the Shield of Akhilleus
14. Beyond Fire, Her Mind Bore the Mirrors of Eternity

15. The Mournful Dirge of Achaea

Rehearsal tape limited to 50 copies.
"An account of the visions of Akhilleus summoned through the voices of antiquity taken from the syllabaries of Phoenicia."

Storms Over Hellespont (Demo 2009) Info : 

16. Bade the Myrmidons

17. An Armour Drenched With Sorrow
18. Akhilleus, Peer of the Gods

19. Storms Over Hellespont

Tape limited to 35 copies


Mithras said...

Wow! Thank you very much for posting this band - incredible stuff...

Anonymous said...

The link is dead. Can you reupload it please? Thanks.

AchiLLeS Gr said...

New link is placed