22 August 2017

Valentin The Mad - Everything On The Line (2017) [Streaming Audio]

Band : Valentin The Mad
Country : Israel
Release : Everything On The Line (New Track)
Year : 2017
Genre : Shred, Heavy, Progressive Metal
File Info : Streaming Audio
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Author Notes : Info is send to me via E-mail :
Hey Andrew, this one took a long while, but after 2 years of not posting anything new I finally have a new track out called Everything on the Line. Would be happy to have it featured on Riddle of Steel.

Instrumental solo artist Valentin The Mad releases a new track from his solo project. Everything on the Line is a heavy metal instrumental. The theme behind the track is the choice of dedicating yourself to art, and the range of emotions going on through the mind of the artist.

Listen the Track here :

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