18 January 2014

Crimson Glory / Parish - Split (1999)

Bands : Crimson Glory   Parish
Country : USA
Release : Split [The Official Demo Series Vol.8]
Year : 1999
Genre : Heavy, Power, Progressive Metal
File Info : MP3, 320 Kbps, CD-Rip, Covers
Download : ][ Yandex ][

Author Notes : A split CD released by the Greek metal magazine "Metal Invader" only in Greece as "The Official Demo Series Vol.8. Includes 3 demo versions of Crimson Glory's album "Astronomica (1999)" & the "Demo (1995)" of Parish, the project of members of CG Ben Jackson & Dana Burrell.

1. Crimson Glory - Touch the Sun
2. Crimson Glory - Astronomica
3. Crimson Glory - Edge of Forever
4. Parish - Rachel's Eyes
5. Parish - Set the Night on Fire
6. Parish - Envision

The Crimson Glory tracks are demo versions from the Astronomica sessions, of which the first two songs were included on the Japan only War Of The Worlds EP (Rising Sun 2000) while this version of 'Edge Of Forever' appears here exclusively. The remaining tracks on this split are demo tracks from Ben Jackson's Parish project, assisted by Dana Burrell.

Given away with the Greek magazine Metal Invader in 1999. Legal release pressed and distributed in Greece after written permission from John Drenning & Clemens from Rising Sun Records.            


Chivo said...

HI! Brothers of this great mega blog, congratulations for passioned work.

I want download this split, but broken link.

for please reupload. Thanks.

Cheers form El Salvador \m/

AchiLLeS Gr said...

Hello Chivo. Ive checked the link Yandex and its working fine. Try again.