31 January 2014

Nanowar - True Metal Of The World (2003) [Japan Edition]


Artist : Nanowar
Country : Italy
Release : True Metal Of The World [Japan Edition]
Year : 2003
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 128
Download :  Get It Here


This is a very rare demo from the Italian band Nanowar. Nanowar is a hysterical attempt to satirize the power true metal scene with catchy songs, great musicianship and awesomely funny lyrics. It is no secret that in this they epically win; Nanowar will make fans and detractors of the genre alike laugh at all the clichés that plague the scene. In October 2006 they changed their name to Nanowar Of Steel in response to Rhapsody's name change to Rhapsody of Fire.


Anonymous said...

Y si..bueno..una porqueria..pensar ue hay gente que se dedica a eso, es decir, ridiculizar lo que otros hacen en vez de hacer algo ellos...hay gente para todo en este mundo..

Kammenos said...

Τί είπες τώρα ρε μάστορα????