23 November 2016

Blind Guardian - Another Stranger Me (Bootleg Comp. 2007)

Band > Blind Guardian
Country > Germany
Release > Another Stranger Me (Bootleg Compilation)
Year > 2007
Genre > Power Metal
File Info > MP3, 320 Kbps
Download > Yandex
(Link found on the net, thanks to the Original Uploader)
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INFO > Bootleg Compilation with B-Sides & Rarities

1. All The King’s Horses
2. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
3. Lionheart (Demo Version)
4. The Edge (Demo Version)
5. Market Square
6. Dead Sound Of Misery
7. Nightfall (Orchestral Version)
8. A Dark Passage (Instrumental Version)
9. Harvest Of Sorrow (Acoustic Version)
10. The Wizard
11. A Past And Future Secret (Orchestra Mix)
12. Mies Del Dolor
13. And The Story Ends (Live)
14. Imaginations From The Other Side (Live)
15. The Bard's Song In The Forest
16. The Bard's Song In The Forest (Live)

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