25 November 2016

Blitzkrieg - Back From Hell (2013)

Band > Blitzkrieg
Country > Great Britain
Release > Back From Hell
Year > 2013
Genre > NWOBHM/Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal
File Info > MP3, 320 Kbps
Download > Yandex

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INFO > "Back from Hell" (the song) is lyrically about Jack The Ripper. He used to sign his letters "From Hell". "Buried Alive" is a re-recorded version of the song from Blitzkrieg's debut 7". "V" is lyrically inspired by Alan Moore's graphic novel "V for Vendetta". "Return to the Village" is lyrically inspired by the british TV series "The Prisoner". "Call for the Priest" is a tribute to Judas Priest, the lyrics consist entirely of Judas Priest song and album titles. "Sleepy Hollow" is lyrically inspired by the legend of the headless horseman that gave birth to a movie, a TV series and numerous other stories. "We Have Assumed Control" is the last line in Rush's "2112" song.

Brian Ross - Vocals/Keyboards
Bill Baxter - Bass
Ken Johnson - Guitar
Mick Kerrigan - Drums
Alan Ross - Guitar

Guests :
Martin McManus - Add. Vocals (Track 10) [Skiltron (ARG)]
Emma Baxter - Add. Vocals (Track 4)
Sophie Heartfield - Narration (Track 1)
Jim McKenzie - Narration (Track 5)

1. Jack's Back (Intro)
2. Back From Hell 
3. Buried Alive (Re-Recorded)
4. Complicated Issue
5. V
6. Return To The Village
7. Sahara
8. 4 U (Intrumental)
9. One Last Time
10. Call For The Priest
11. Sleepy Hollow
12. S&D (Seek And Destroy) [Metallica Cover]
13. We Have Assumed Control

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