31 March 2017

Avatar - City Beneath The Surface (EP 1983)

Band : Avatar
Country : USA
Release : City Beneath The Surface (EP)
Year : 1983
Genre : Heavy, Power Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps
Download : Yandex
(Link found on the net, thanks to the Original Uploader)

Jon Oliva - Vocals
Criss Oliva (R.I.P. 1993) - Guitars
Keith "Thumper" Collins - Bass
Steve "Doc" Wacholz - Drums

Author Notes : Pre-Savatage band.

INFO : The three songs included in this 7" EP were re-released after the band changed their name to "Savatage" : the A-side, "City Beneath the Surface", and the 2nd of the B-side, "The Whip", on the "Dungeons Are Calling" EP (1985, Combat Records) while the B-side opener "Sirens" became the title track of the first of Savatage's full lengthers (1983, Par Records).

1. City Beneath The Surface
2. Sirens
3. The Whip

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Krozza said...

Just brilliant! Thank you so much for finding this!!