21 November 2013

Medieval Steel - Dark Castle (Unofficial Promo 2013)

Band : Medieval Steel
Country : USA
Release : Dark Castle (Unofficial Promo)
Year : 2013
Genre : Power Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps
Download : ][ Yandex ][

Bands Sites for SUPPORT : FaceBook

Vocals - Bobby Franklin
Bass - Chuck Jones
Guitar - Jeff Cobble
Guitar - Cary Scarbrough
Drums - Chris Cook

Author Notes : A small taste from the new album of the band "Dark Castle". Enjoy! \m/

01. Powersurge
02. American War Machine
03. The Man Who Saw Tomorrow


Edward Armstrong said...

Hello Metal heads around the world!
My name is Ed Armstrong the Manager for Medieval Steel I got great news for you all. Dark Castle is set to be released in Europe the first week of March. So get ready to get your copy for which only a limited amount is going up for sale.

Leave me a msg at ederdaaron@gmail.com if you want information about Medieval Steel.

Edward Armstrong said...


AchiLLeS Gr said...

Hello Edward and thanks for your comments. I surely be in line for the new Medieval Steel album. I hope i can get it from No Remorse Records here in Athens. If not, i will send you an e-mail and order it. Keep it True and i hope you liked this little promo i made. Cheers!

Edward Armstrong said...

I Love it! Great job. It's Empire Records in Belgium where the CD can be found as soon as I get art work I will Email it