04 September 2014

Metal Church - Hanging In The Balance (1993)

Artist : Metal Church
Country : USA
Release : Hanging In The Balance
Year : 1993
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Hanging in the Balance, released in 1993 followed a brief hiatus for the band in which founding member and guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof perused his side project Vanderhoof. The core sound of Metal Church has always been rooted in Vanderhoof's riffs and although he was no longer in the bands lineup upon the release of this album he remains the primary writer and has credits on every track on the disk other than acoustic instrumental effort ''Lovers & Madmen''. Needless to say the guitar work is still superbly executed and there's a nice variety of string dabbling on show. John Marshall and original axeman Craig Wells mix up the thrashier riffing found on tracks like 'Conductor' and 'Little Boy' with plenty of concise more traditional metal influenced riffs and ample clean, at times even folky sounding passages.

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