14 September 2014

Triarchy - Live To Fight Again (Comp. 2007)

Band : Triarchy
Country : Great Britain
Release : Live To Fight Again (Compilation)
Year : 2007
Genre : NWOBHM/Heavy Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps
Download : ][ Mega ][
Download : ][ ZippyShare ][

Mark Newbold - Drums
Brian Galibardy - Guitars
Mike Wheeler - Vocals/Bass

Past Members :
Paul Gunn - Drums
Graham Legg - Guitars

1. Hiroshima 06:07
2. Metal Messiah 05:09
3. Hellhound on My Trail 02:57
4. Sweet Alcohol 04:27
5. Before Your Very Eyes 03:01
6. Save the Khan 04:31
7. Juliet's Tomb 05:18
8. Wheel of Samsara 05:18
9. Ghost of an Emotion 03:24
10. Rockchild 03:42


Metal Socrates said...

Can you pls re-up this compilation on an other host, as the download gets held up at 6%, after so many repeated tries. Nice of you to upload this comp. on your blog in the first place, but alas.....cant download.

Pls fix this pal.

Adrian SOS said...

Hey, MS, it downloaded just fine for me. I dunno whether Achilles re-uploaded it already, but MEGA has been on and off for the last couple days. Hope that helps a bit. Cheers!

AchiLLeS Gr said...

New link on Zippyshare. Hope its ok now.

Metal Socrates said...

It indeed is OK now AchiLLeS. I knew that zippy uploads hardly ever fail. Thanks for kindly heeding to my request once again, AchiLLeS.