14 September 2014

Valentin The Mad - Deadly Obsession (New Track 2014) [Streaming Audio]

Band : Valentin The Mad
Country : Israel
Release : Deadly Obsession (New Track)
Year : 2014
Genre : Shred, Heavy, Progressive Metal
File Info : Streaming Audio
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Hey Riddle of Steel,
I released a new track on my solo project yesterday called Deadly Obsession. The press release of the track is here below, its pretty similar to the one I released for Devil`s Courtyard. Id love to be featured once again on Riddle of Steel.
Im Valentin (stage name Valentin The Mad) - a lead guitarist-solo artist and I recently released a new track for my solo project. Its called Deadly Obsession, its a melodic prog metal track.
It was inspired by the concept of obsession, that is getting progressively worse, until the obsessed person "takes action", which ends up in a fatal result (as implied by the outro and the title).
Deadly Obsession features the return of "cat cam" - something I first introduced in my video for Sandstorm (another track from my solo project) and was quite liked by the audience.
Listen Here :

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