05 December 2014

Jackal - IV (2009)

Artist :       Jackal
Country :     Denmark
Release :     IV
Year :           2009
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 320


 Band-Reunions are quite common in the last years and also happening in Denmark. Now Frontman Brian Rich reformed his successful Power Metal band JACKAL. The first life sign of JACKAL after the long break is now available and simply called „IV“. JACKAL are going the same musical way like they did in the 90ties with their former albums („Rise, „Vague Visions“ and „A safe look in mirrors“), which were very successful in Europe and especially in Japan. All former Trademarks are present on „IV“, whether the straight to point played riffs, melodious guitar solos and of course the rough and variable voice of Brian Rich. Highlights on “IV” are the melodious “Innocence”, the robust and aggressive Smasher “Disciple of the Night” and the emotional Half-Ballad “When the Heart is strong”. Currently Brian Rich is working hard to get a new Live Line Up in order to re-enter the European stages. So JACKAL are back in its purest Heavy Metal form.  

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