16 March 2015

Breaker - Dead Rider (1985) [Reissue]

Artist :       Breaker
Country :     Germany
Release :     Dead Rider [Reissue]
Year :           1985
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 VBR


 We understand that BREAKER is probably one of the most common names used by heavy metal bands throughout the metal history from the 70's 'till now. With the most reputed bands by that name, being the U.S. and the Canadian BREAKER, here comes one more KILLER band from Germany this time. In fact, this BREAKER should have been much more known had metal fans known that this is the band which one of the biggest German thrash bands of all time came from....and that band is none other than ACCUSER! Almost immediately after the release of "Dead Rider", the band called it quits and ACCUSED were created. BREAKER play a blend of powerful 80's heavy with some speedier arrangements.  

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