28 March 2015

Exoristoi - Η Γενιά Των Αρίστων (The Generation Of Optimal) (1998)

Band : Exoristoi (Exiles)
Country : Hellas
Release : Η Γενιά Των Αρίστων (The Generation Of Optimal)
Year : 1998
Genre : Epic, Heavy, Progressive Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps
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Dimitris Katis (Guitar)
Spyros Papadopoulos (Vocals)
Haris Geroulakis (Bass)
Antonis Aspropoulos (Drums)
Mary Tasouli (Keyboards)

Special Appearances:
Michalis Kontogiorgos (Guitar)
Tasos Vrettakis (Bass on tracks "O Gios Tou Laerti" & "Sta Xronia Tou Agona")
Dimitris Aggelidis (Violin)
Takis Kyriazis (Piano on "Oneiro Palio")

Exoristoi was the first metal band to sing in Greek language.
Dimitris Katis had a TV Show called "Metal-Mania" in the National Greek TV.

Tracklist in Hellenic & in English language :

1. Στον Τυμβο Του Ολεθρου (In The Tomb Of Perdition)
2. Σιδερενιοι Καβαλαρηδες (Iron Horsemen)
3. Η Μαχη Των Δελφων (The Battle Of Delphi)
4. Ο Γιος Του Λαερτη (Laerti's Son)
5. Στα Χρονια Του Αγωνα (During The War)
6. Το Ημερολογιο Ενος Φιλου (Diary Of A Friend)
7. Του Δια Η Οργη (Wrath Of Zeus)
8. Παλιο Ονειρο (Old Dream)
9. Ατλαντικο Παραμυθι (Atlantic Farytale)

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