16 March 2015

Souls At Zero - A Taste For The Perverse (1995)

Artist : Souls At Zero
Country : USA
Release : A Taste For The Perverse
Year : 1995
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


"Taste of the Perverse" is riff heavy not unlike Pantera, but also contains a spattering of melody and plenty of tasty guitar solos. Most of the alternative metal bands I hear just sound angry and forsake any sort of melody whatsoever. That is not the case with Souls At Zero. Oh and if "Undecided" doesn't get you up and moving, you're probably dead.

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1 comment:

Arturo Amparado said...

Hey man...I have been following Wrathchild America...and heard they became souls at zero for reasons that they have use a band name that already exists. Appreciate it if you email me the link to this for sure awesome music. Thank you in advance.