26 April 2015

Coldsteel - America Idle (2013)

Artist : Coldsteel
Country : USA
Release : America Idle
Year : 2013
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 VBR


Since their earlier days, COLDSTEEL has been a rather diverse Thrash Metal band, mixing up the fine arts of American Thrash and Heavy Metal, whether the Bay Area manner of old METALLICA, MEGADETH but also NY influences of blue collar, underground streets like early ANTHRAX. After 20 years, things have changed. The lineup, though nearly half preserved, got older and wiser issuing the need for additional intelligence to the music while still maintaining the old wrath of straightforwardness. "America Idle", though coming 20 years later in the band's career, delivers a crushing blow of early 90s Thrash, still keeping it classic, as if retaining the last position from where the band ceased to be. First of all I liked the lyrical ideas, as I do enjoy political induced lyricism, but the music, as always, played out to be my main cause of interest.

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