05 April 2015

Seventh One - What Should Not Be (2004)

Artist : Seventh One
Country : Sweden
Release : What Should Not Be
Year : 2004
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


This band really has an impressive and very heavy sound. The quality of the songs, the arrangements and the guitar playing all has the sound and feel of very seasoned veterans. Most of this album is a very thick, guitar heavy Power Metal with the guitars way out front in the mix (like it should be). Too many other Power Metal acts tend to bury the guitars, almost delegating them to more of a rhythmic role rather than providing the punch for the song. Some of this album has a Hammerfall-like True Metal sound with the speedy riffs and very fast tempos, especially Eternal Life In Lies. A fair chunk of this release really has more of a U.S. Power Metal style along the likes of Iced Earth, Jag Panzer or more recently, Firewind. The title track, Sacrifice along with The Seventh Eye, and Eternally, all feature that type of metal sound. Hallowed Ground features some slow and pounding heavy riffing and also contains a very Blind Guardian style chorus section.

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