25 April 2015

Exodus - Tempo Of The Damned (2004) [Japan Edition]

Artist : Exodus
Country : USA
Release : Tempo Of The Damned [Japan Edition]
Year : 2004
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


By the time EXODUS split up in the early '90s, they had all but lost their steam, their latter-day recorded output serving as little more than a painful reminder of the fact that the band would never recapture the magic that had made their first couple of efforts such classics in the thrash metal genre. The group's last studio album, 1992's "Force of Habit", was a decent enough effort that died a quick death at the hands of Capitol Records, who had effectively given up on the band after their failure to capitalize on their early sales potential.
Although it would be another five years before EXODUS would reunite with original singer Paul Baloff to record the now-classic live album "Another Lesson In Violence" (one of the greatest "live" albums ever made, in this writer's humble opinion), the band's legend never faded away, with many extreme metal acts citing the group's precision-like delivery and riff-laden approach as a major influence (just ask the likes of KREATOR, AT THE GATES or any of the current purveyors of the ever-popular Swedish "Gothenburg" sound).
Seven years later, EXODUS - still mourning the loss of Baloff, who passed away in February 2002 after suffering a massive stroke - have been rejoined by Baloff's replacement, Steve "Zetro" Souza, and have delivered an inspired and impressive comeback album that stays true to the band's pioneering sound while sounding fresh enough to avoid coming across like a mere rehash.
Aided in no small part by the crystal-clear, flawless production of British metal producer extraordinaire Andy Sneap, "Tempo of the Damned" opens with several tracks that can only be described as "typical EXODUS".

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