23 October 2015

Hydra Vein - Rather Death Than False Of Faith/After The Dream (2007)

Artist : Hydra Vein
Country : UK
Release : Rather Death Than False Of Faith/After The Dream
Year : 2007
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


HYDRA VEIN were a truly intense (at times bordering on both early black and death metal) thrashed-out speed metal group from the UK. They released two LP's, 1988's "Rather Death Than False Of Faith" and 89's "After The Dream". Long forgotten by many, HYDRA VEIN has long been considered one of those "lost greats" by fanatical fans of all early extreme metal pioneers. Hopefully this brilliant CD does much to expose HYDRA VEIN to a new generation of thrashers, so they can receive some of the credit they so brutally deserve. Musically, HYDRA VEIN was similar in sound to groups like MORBID SAINT (US), DEATHWISH (UK), MINOTAUR, POISON, ASSASSIN, and DARKNESS all from Germany, MORTUARY (Mexico), NUM SKULL (US), BLESSED DEATH (US), and at times a whole bunch of late-80's South American groups like DEATH YELL, PENTAGRAM, ATOMIC AGGRESSOR, MUTILATOR, etc.

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