22 December 2015

Solitude Aeturnus - Through The Darkest Hour (1994)

Artist : Solitude Aeturnus
Country : USA
Release : Through The Darkest Hour
Year : 1994
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


This is the third album from Solitude Aeturnus, but the first one I bought. I only wish I'd heard this band long before! First, for perspective, a little about the band itself: Solitude Aeturnus is a "Doom metal" band, so their lyrics are less than optomistic, and the music is for the most part slow and heavy. Black Sabbath is one of their influences, apparently. What sets this band apart from other doom metal bands, in my opinion, is the quality of musicianship and the singer's voice. (I'm no expert on doom metal, though.) The vocalist doesn't try to sound scary or even scream much, he just has a naturally great voice for this type of music.

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