19 June 2014

Apocalypse - Abandon Hope (Comp. 2010)

Band : Apocalypse
Country : Great Britain
Release : Abandon Hope (Compilation)
Year : 2010
Genre : NWOBHM/Heavy Metal
File Info : MP3, 320 Kbps
Download : DepositFiles

Thanks to the Original Uploader.
Link provided by Metal Socrates. Thanks for this request!

12" vinyl format limited to 500 copies with 4 page insert.
150 copies in black / white.
350 copies in black.

1. Abandon Hope 05:36  
2. Killing Man 04:21  
3. Later Than You Think 03:55  
4. Blood Sacrifice 05:34  
5. Stormchild 04:54
6. Night Stalker 05:36
7. Chosen Few 04:27
8. Midnight Train 03:55
9. In the Heat of the Night 06:13


Jon said...

Thanks a lot for this, gotta love the NWOBHM.
BTW have you heard of the band Elder? They are a stoner/doom trio who actually play a song called 'Riddle Of Steel'. Good stuff, if you like it quite gruff'n'grinding...

Anonymous said...

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